New Blog: Gaming Industry

2012-11-13 10:50:47 by StomachBug

Here we go. Something new thing to distract you from the closing inevitability of death.

I like to read about what the gaming and movie industries are up to so I thought I would start a small blog about it and hopefully get more people to join in a discussion. It's entirely optional but you wouldn't want to feel left out now would you?

There's only one post so far and it's about an incident to do with Medal of Honor Warfarter that happened two weeks ago! I just found it so funny and bewildering I had to write about it but rest assured future posts will be as with the times as I can make them.

You can have a quick read here of my first post:

If you have wordpress please follow and pass on to your friends especially if you are into gaming and have any interest in the industry and how mad it can be at times.


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