Adobe to be Subscription based!

2013-05-08 18:15:41 by StomachBug

Well well looks like Adobe are trying to appeal to an audience that want their software but don't have hundreds of quids to spurt aimlessly at the drop of a hat!

What's more it will be updated along the way! No more waiting two years fer a new version.

Link to announcement of said great decision

Bet it'll still crash all the feckin' time though...


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2013-05-08 18:18:23

If it's for bugfixes, I'll be for it. Otherwise, I'm not flattered with this desperate attempt at correcting public relations.

StomachBug responds:

My first thoughts exactly. Its one thing to offer it after so many years, its another to actually make it work. 'Making it work' not being Adobe's forte.


2013-05-08 18:31:57

Sounds good to me, got Creative Cloud for a while now and it's perfect. Also saves a lot of dough not having to upgrade every so often, people seem to forget about that.

StomachBug responds:

Affordable. It's all I ever ask.


2013-05-09 08:41:32

As long as it's not Flash and Fireworks, I'm OK with it. The price drop sounds nice, but I wouldn't want to be subscribed, don't like having any permanent link to the programs I use.


2013-05-09 21:56:17


StomachBug responds:

I know right?