BYPASS -Our first game available now for Android devices!

2013-10-18 11:27:05 by StomachBug

Prospect Games has released their very first title available for all Android devices RIGHT FOOKIN' NOW!!!

BYPASS is ready to buy from GooglePlay at the following link:

Let us know what you think by leaving a review or comment on the app page! There has already been lots of positive feedback from buyers and games review sites and we hope to get the game to as many finger tapping peoples as possible!

Everything we get will help us progress onto making more games for many different platforms in the future.

Don't have Android? Well the game will be available for release on iPhone and iPad platforms in the coming weeks along with additional features that will come as a free download to all existing BYPASS owners on Android.

Just in case you have read too far past the link, here it is again:

Go to the Prospect Games facebook page to keep up to date with new projects and added extras:

BYPASS -Our first game available now for Android devices!


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2013-10-26 04:38:26

Looks good, but how about a regular web version?