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Oi oi sav-a-loi!

'Ere m8! Come play our game! ThunderBolt innit! The first entry from The6ixthFloor! Press buttons to jump and transform into a massive hulking chunky git! Or back into a skinny bloke and just run, run, RUN!

Click 'ere r-kid to PLAY! -

If you'd rather just listen to track then come hither and places your earholes upon this chippy link -


Play it! Play It! PLAY IT!



Play it...


Welcome to the weekend!

I've uploaded my entry for the Construct2 "Deception" themed jam that ended yesterday, it's called "Best Dressed" and the idea is that you have to dress your farm animals smartly in order to deceive the events organisers into thinking they're people!

It can be played with a mouse but also works with touch controls and you can play it here -

Be sure to leave any feedback in the comments!


For more info on the jam check out the blog post here -

and also the rest of the entries here -


Here's the link to sidesplitter -

This was originally designed in Unreal Engine 4 and needless to say it has been a lot easier to develop it on Stencyl.

I did try with Gamemaker in between but couldn't quite get my head around the GM Language and when I saw the post about the Stencyl Jam I became very aroused about the idea and decided to move the game over.

Arousal notwithstanding, the game is now on V0.2 and is awaiting your high scores.


So for a while I had trouble being able to reduce the background noise that my mic picked up until I saw someone on the internet had used a cardboard box lined with soundproofing foam so I thought hey! I should do that too and voila - 



So yeah I have definately noticed an improvement to the quality of my recordings which should bode well for the voice work I'm currently involved in.

If you're like me and don't really have the space to start soundproofing and building up cushioning to deflect echoes and whatnot then this might just be the solution and it all cost less than £10 to make!


2014-12-24 11:19:34 by StomachBug


Here is your Christmas present this year because you have all been very bad girls and boys..




I'm submitting to the Sheep Collab as should you! There's only a few days to go (2nd November) to collate the largest number of animated sheep on the planet!

Here's a preview of the sheep I'm entering but check out Lalo's post for more of what people have done so far and if you can in time, get your own in there too! -

Don't be sheepish...

It's Zelda.

It's Majora's Mask

It's that TMNT joke that's like four months old now.


Serves you right internet.


2014-06-15 08:07:45 by StomachBug

E3 is over and has been for a couple of days so naturally, here is a video about it which nobody asked for and features things that nobody cares about.


Prospect Games has released their very first title available for all Android devices RIGHT FOOKIN' NOW!!!

BYPASS is ready to buy from GooglePlay at the following link:

Let us know what you think by leaving a review or comment on the app page! There has already been lots of positive feedback from buyers and games review sites and we hope to get the game to as many finger tapping peoples as possible!

Everything we get will help us progress onto making more games for many different platforms in the future.

Don't have Android? Well the game will be available for release on iPhone and iPad platforms in the coming weeks along with additional features that will come as a free download to all existing BYPASS owners on Android.

Just in case you have read too far past the link, here it is again:

Go to the Prospect Games facebook page to keep up to date with new projects and added extras:

BYPASS -Our first game available now for Android devices!

Some newly added music for ya

2013-08-23 08:15:24 by StomachBug

Good day to you all!

Thought I would share with you some music that I made a while back for a point and click adventure game that I made at university.

The game had a kind of Blade Runner, Philip K Dick vibe to it. We managed to get a range of voice actors and numerous characters in the game too which we all saw as a triumph since we had never done anything like that before.

If I can get a hold of the developer doc video we made, I'll post that up here as well, it includes some footage from the game.

Have a listen and let me know what you think. In the meantime I am actually trying to make some new stuff instead of bombarding NG with old shit from uni.

Oh and the game was called "MAVEN" just so you know.

1) Menu Music
2) The Streets of Ceres
3) Rooftop Run
4) Last Known Location
5) Amongst Others Just Like Me
6) The Escape Artist
7) The Fall of Industry

Also here's another episode of Stomach and SONUVA where we honest to god endure -

Bon voyage bitchola!

Some newly added music for ya